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This entire site and its web pages are based on the philosophy of the soul. A philosophy that has its roots in the book "Straight From the Soul." Whichever way one may view life, there is no denying that life continues year after year, decade after decade, century after century. Floods may drown entire cities; earthquakes may swallow up life but is there any doubt that fresh life emerges? It does! This is life's way of saying that it will exist despite any amount of devastation, good or evil, wrong or right or construction and destruction. This is the affirmation of life and this is the aim of Soul City -to affirm life.

Soul does not discriminate between good and evil or wrong and right. It is the mind with the intention of asserting its supremacy that wishes to discriminate and alienate and demarcate with boundaries and races. That which wishes to assert its supremacy or proclaim that it is all-powerful, shows its inadequacy. For who or what is greater and powerful than the other? It is fear that talks of supremacy. Soul does not know any fear and therefore it has no boundaries. Soul philosophy has no "ism." It cannot be confined to a particular doctrine or be subject to imprisonment in one mind, and in one body. It is vast and its philosophy is vast. It is so vast that it can be summed up in one sentence and yet mean the world.

Reason, Logic, Common sense and every other analytical study is not the subject of the soul. It has always been the mind that analysed and compartmentalized every issue and subject, into little narrow lanes and corridors of study. Then there are institutions that talk of morality and ethics from their high stools and podiums, delivering it as the word of God. Would God choose one set of people to tout these principles? What or who is that God that wills such discrimination? If such a God exists, soul does not recognize it. The soul is free from such limitations. It believes in action and not analysis. It believes in life as its supreme accomplishment and therefore gives birth time and again. The soul celebrates life with its one chief component, "fearlessness." It waits for the day that fear is taken away from the hearts and minds of every living creature for man/woman to achieve physical immortality. That is the one goal of the soul -the goal of physical immortality.

The Soul while not discriminating between good and evil, wrong and right however recognizes the useless and the useful. That which does not help it in the aim of physical immortality is considered as useless. The soul recognizes everything as only energy and not as genders and objects. It leaves it to such energy to do as it wills to do. Soul does not impose any rules and restrictions. It leaves unto us to recognize what useless is and what is useful. Thus we have the task to utilize what is beneficial to the advancement of the goal of the soul and leave out the rest. Soul City, while accommodating the philosophies and doctrines of the rest of other schools and disciplines, leaves it to you to choose between what is beneficial to you as an individual to collectively realize the goal of physical immortality.

Welcome to the City of the Soul where your senses are pampered to affirm life and declare everything as positive and useful. Visit the House of Magic to see how everything can be converted to positive and useful. If it is energy you wish to imbibe to get rejuvenated, visit the Babylonian Bath. Take a tour to the page of dreams called the Dream cell, for a total recall of forgotten dreams. If it is noon and you wish for a take-out, click your mouse on the Restaurant where planned diets and herbal teas and everything healthy is scrolled before your eyes. Meditate in the soul's direction in the Meditation Building where you can click on to some free download of meditation audio of your favorite philosopher. We also have the Philosopher's Haven in 3-D animation for those who are curious about what other philosophers of a bygone age have had to say. If all that is not enough, you can go to the Music Coliseum and relive the ancient way of listening to music in the open with sound and light effects. New Age music of all kinds is offered in the music coliseum. Just across the coliseum is the Herbal and flower garden called the Soul Garden. Find out what each flower means in these pages and mail your message to whomever you wish through flowers, as each flower conveys a distinct message. Then there is the Herbal garden that talks of the healthy way of living by incorporating herbs in your diet. Even Mary who was quite contrary would not say that her garden grew with sea shell all made out in a row. Her refrain would be quite herbal.

For those who are verbal and desire to express themselves, there is the Speaker's area where one can wear one's fingers out and write, without fear or favor, what one feels. Weary by now? Flip to the page of the Juice Bar and a list of the most invigorating and uplifting, health juice recipes will scroll down.

Whatever the purpose may be of your visit, we guarantee that you will hit the back button several times and come back for more to Soul City. So climb on to the Soul Wagon and we will take you where no man/woman has ever gone before - a trip that will lay the foundation to attain physical immortality.

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