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            If you have come into the observatory taking a detour from the Soul garden, take a few steps backward and go into the Babylonian bath.  Take the time to get yourself rejuvenated and then come back to the observatory to observe your different states of being.  After bathing in the seven colors, in the Babylonian bath, the ego’s sheath is almost washed off.  The ego is maimed and maligned and talked about in a derogatory way and generally referred to in terms that are not uplifting.  But it is this very same ego that we require in order to achieve our goal.  Let us discover how and why the ego is necessary for goal attainment.

Life is energy that takes shape in whatever form it can take.  The fact that life does this time and again just means that it is affirming what we term on planet earth as, “negative.”  It is in such an affirmation that every negation is converted to a positive.  This is the magic of life.  This is the mantra that the observatory is going to hum throughout the text.

When the negative is affirmed, it receives acceptance, and the love that is utilized in such an affirmation has the capacity to enable a conversion to the positive.  Love is energy in the most positive form.  Whichever way such energy is used, construction is at its best.  But such a construction is subject to destruction too and energy has that distinct ability to first construct and then destroy.  For the lack of understanding and direction, energy swings up and down, and whichever way it can unleash its force.  This is where the role of the mind comes into play.  It comes into play after understanding that all of energy is just force without any purpose or direction.  Your role in all of this is to understand and put energy to use in a

constructive way by giving it direction.  By persistently and consistently applying energy to a certain object or subject a goal or attitude, a gradual shift can be achieved.  The key words are consistency and persistency. 

The ego has a major role to play in such an energy construction process.  Ego is the external reflection of everything internal.  Beyond that there is nothing else to the ego.  But if on the other hand the very same ego or the external self that reflects the internal self or the soul, is subject to the useless energy; the journey towards any lasting construction is marred.  How does one not allow the ego not to be subject to such useless energy?  Would it not be easy to just have the useful energy around and do away with the useless energy?  The answers to these questions, and many more such questions, lies with you.  All you have to do is to observe your attitude, which we are going to call action and reaction. 

To react is to allow the useless energy to win its petty little game.  Reactions are not actions that come from the soul.  They are acts caused by self-importance, which is distinct from the ego.  Self-importance originates from self-pity.  It is energy’s habit of tending to relax and becoming lazy, that makes an individual who is prone to the same emotions, fall a prey to self-pity.  Then the over all self gathers an importance that is alien to the ego.  Not knowing how to act with this new garment called self-importance, the ego embarks on a journey separate from that of the soul.  The soul and the ego get disjointed and then begin to act as separate entities.  Over the years, the soul gets totally

forgotten and only the ego that is enveloped by self-importance –remains.  The ego that was once inseparable from the soul loses its partner.  Why then, and how can something that is attached to the soul, namely the ego, be called names and maligned?  Such knowledge can come through awareness.

Awareness is different from the knowledge that the senses perceive.  It is that knowledge that is derived through a careful study of the external self’s actions and reactions.  This study leads to eliminating or the addition of certain beneficial or non-beneficial patterns.  Once you, as an individual, understand that it is your own self that you are at constant battle against and competition with –awareness sets in.  In order to attain such a condition of awareness, discipline is necessary.

Discipline of the body leads to discipline of the mind.  But if the mind is tuned toward the soul to begin with, such an exercise becomes quite unnecessary.  Any action that comes from the soul and is then carried out by the mind constitutes discipline in its purest form.  However, since the ego is already sheathed with a self-pitying component called self-importance, it becomes difficult to the mind to comprehend which way to swing.  It is here that the discipline of the external, namely the body, would finally lead to internal discipline.  Disciplining of either the body or the mind leads to forbearance or the ability to forbear any kind of external or internal rigors.  Internal rigors are those battles that the mind fights.  External rigors are those that the body is exposed to which would eventually strengthen the mind.  Forbearance is just a step ahead of timing, which is crucial to observation.

Timing is knowing exactly when to utilize all of the above mentioned states of being.  To wait for something is not a passive state of being.  Energy can never be called passive or static.  Even if energy appears to be passive, it is live with force.  No force can remain dormant.  It constantly builds up energy.  The longer the wait, the more force the energy builds up.  That is how and why patience is such a strong weapon.  It holds twice the energy of an act that fetches instant results.

Will is the sixth state of being.   A condition that is reflective of the harnessing of self-importance, awareness, discipline, forbearance and timing.  The Will or the soul is then contacted and a pure energy, devoid of any other thought save that of action, comes into being.  The Will is then worn as a new garment by the entire being of the individual in the final state of being, called the Attitude.

Attitude is the final culmination of all the other six states of being,  (1) Self-importance. (2) Awareness. (3) Discipline. (4) Forbearance. (5) Timing (6) Will.

Attitude is composure of the external self as it is in alignment with the inner-self.  Your attitude towards any subject or object would then have quality and depth.  Such an attitude leads to the attainment of physical immortality. 

Put yourself through a series of self-imposed tests or through real life incidents that would test your seven states of being.  Think of yourself as a

warrior and not a fighter.  A warrior is in constant war with himself/herself in order to achieve that state of perfection. 

If you would like to test your self-importance, watch yourself whine and seek self-pity by imagining to be maimed and tainted by the other people. Observe how you feel sorry for yourself because of the insinuations made by people.  The next step would be for you to go even further and make yourself feel even worse by actually listening or being subjected to such verbal attacks.  Just when you begin to feel that it cannot get any worse than remind yourself that it is a test and you are a warrior.

A warrior has to always observe his actions and reactions. This is the road to truth.  When every falsehood is taken away leaving you bare-naked, the truth seems enormous and unpalatable.  Such a condition occurs only when the mind is made to grapple with thoughts that are alien to its otherwise pre-conditioned existence.  This is the security blanket that the ego covers itself with.  When the cover is unveiled, self-importance or the external sheath is got rid of.  With the exterior discarded, such useless words and abuses or threats are seen as nothing but that –as useless energy.

Tests for awareness could involve a written test.  The moment your senses are made to react, since you are now on the path of truth and self-discovery, make a note on paper, your instant emotion that emerges in such a scenario.

The next time you are confronted with another scenario, watch yourself for another reaction or set of emotions and make a note of that too.  At the end of the day or the period of time set by you for such an observation, conquer these reactions by graphing out a game plan.  This kind of a constant observation leads you to finally set terms to the emotions emerging out of you, instead of the other way around.  You get to dictate the very same reactions that commanded you to behave in a certain way.  You then become the commander.

Discipline tests need not involve any time consuming activities or acts that would take you away from your day to life.  In fact it is while you conduct your daily life that the tests can be taken.  If for example you wish to discipline your mind into a certain pattern of thought, wean it away from the old pattern through a constant check.  For this kind of a check, you need to constantly remind yourself. It is only through such constant reminders that the old pattern of thought is forgotten and the mind becomes a clean slate for

you to write on with more interesting colors.  If the mind strays again towards the old thought drag it away.  Remember all thoughts are made of energy.  The energy with which you drag the mind away from the old pattern of thought is the same energy as the energy that thoughts are made of. 

The moment you find your mind getting dragged away by an unnecessary, useless thought, consciously will yourself to get it back on track.  This process has to be continuous.

Test for forbearance is test of patience and endurance.  Think up of scenarios that would allow you to actively participate in a result oriented goal.  Get into that scenario and participate in it by putting in your time, effort and all of your energy or whatever resources you wish to put in.  Next, watch and see how you react if another participant walks away with his/her result before you do.  The longer the wait, the more your endurance and patience is built.  Watch yourself finally get your desired object or goal.  Calculate the time.  Measure it against the resource that you utilized in such participation.  You will notice that those who walked away with the result at an earlier stage than you would not accumulate the interest that you have with your wait.  Energy would have built itself to a pitch of absolute endurance and such energy is not subject to a break down.  Destruction of such a goal or object is delayed if not averted. 

Timing does not require any tests and checks.  It comes automatically if the above tests are undergone.  The mind acknowledges instantly as to when the time is right and makes you act at the appropriate moment.

The Will is the new garment that you wear after harnessing your energy from the above tests.  Test this new garment by closing down the department of the mind and employ the soul in all thought process.  Which only means that you will not have any thinking to do.  Your actions are spontaneous, genuine and stem from the light of truth.  If the actions are not those that come from the Will and are directed by the mind, you need to again undergo all of the other five states of being until you get it right.

Tests for Attitude, the final state of being, is very simply to make yourself look into the mirror and observe what you reflect in it through your eyes.  Here although the mirror is used as a symbolic object, observation is not of the physical body.  Your external self will reflect all of the exercises and tests you put yourself through in all the other six states of being.  Your movements will become fluid, your speech will become more measured (not calculated) and your mind will be operated by your soul.  Which then means that your attitude will be that of self-confidence.  A confidence that you are immortal and that nothing will affect you.  A faith in such a belief would eventually pave the way to such a goal attainment of physical immortality, because the soul’s role is not doubted.  A confidence that is not superficially draped by the external self, but a confidence that is reflected by the soul itself, is the attitude that will be your new garment.  

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