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The star of Magi heralded the birth of the Christ.  Perhaps it is this very same star that gave birth to the word magic.  The birth of Christ is a magical manifestation, because of the extraordinary powers of healing and the power of transformation that his words had.  Magic, the star of magi and the Christ therefore may be considered together while looking into the truth of magic. 

We consider an object or a situation, as having magical properties if that something is beneficial to us.  Magic is the process of transformation of an ordinary thing to an extraordinary thing.  Such a process involves; a medium of conversion, object or subject, one or more variables such as time and space and thirdly, intention.

A medium of conversion could be an object that does not have life or something that does have life. For example, a simple stone has magical properties depending upon the variables of time and space and of course, intention. 

Time and space as variables play an important role in such a process of transformation.  Time in the sense of magic is not the ticking of minutes or hours but the systematic procedure of the various steps that the transformation has to go through.  For example, step two cannot be overlooked and jumped to step through.  Space on the other hand is the amount of space that this transformation stretches itself on.  Imagine a set of balls that have to roll on a bed of space.  Next, imagine space, as an object made of matter, like a table.  The first ball has to roll to set the second ball in motion and the second has to collide with the third to set the third in motion and so on.  When the last ball that is set off in motion stops, the amount of space that this little rolling has occupied, measuring from the first ball to the last ball, is the space that determines such an act.  The stopping of the last ball is dependent on the pressure of the first ball.  And the first ball that is set off in motion is dependent on the person who so set the ball in motion.

Intention is the mind that acts as a vehicle for carrying on this little transformation.  Intentions could be classified as “useless” and “useful.”   Useful intentions are those that bring about construction and useless intentions bring about destruction to the self and to others.  Useful intentions help in achieving what “soul philosophy” talks about, and that is physical immortality.  Mind is conditioned by many factors but that mind which acts under the soul’s direction is one with the useful intention.  Mind that is subject to analysis and logic bring about useless intentions and therefore destruction. 

Magic therefore is not a science.  It is neither an illusion.  Magic is pure and wonderful and the only transformational process that is lasting and has the stamp of truth to it.  Magic that is performed with a pure intention of not deceiving, is the act of the mind under the dictates of the soul.  It can therefore be summed up as an action of the soul.  The process of transformation of one product to another totally different product is called the magical process. 

Crystals and precious stones have properties that are unique and distinct to their own individual color, shape and form.  In the Middle Ages these semi-precious stones were used as medicine, crushed and administered to the person suffering from a particular disease.  Because of the high mineral content they were supposed to be beneficial that is how they were considered as healing stones.  The wearing of precious stones is sometimes, by some people, dependent on the zodiac sign that a particular individual came under. 

For the purpose of “soul philosophy,” however, every stone is beneficial irrespective of any sign.  It is the mental frame and how one uses such a stone and the value that one gives it, that is of significance here. 

The meanings of precious stones, is given here under but it is subject to the individual’s discretion to take what he/she sees as beneficial and discard the rest.  Create your own magic by utilizing the magical properties of the stones.  Remember however, that the intention is what brings about benefits and not the stones by itself.

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