Ever wondered why the concept of lighting houses and shrubs, trees and poles during Christmas was encouraged?  It probably has to do with dispelling the bleak gray look of winter.  Undoubtedly snow does add to the ambience, but imagine seeing white mounds of snow and withered frozen trees without the anticipation of seeing a dash of color that invariably comes with Christmas?  And that is how traditions and customs evolve.  We are not going to get into an argument of why mankind has to have a Christmas.  Neither are we going to get bent out of shape bothering about having heated discussions and debates of why and how the concept of celebration arose.  We are only concerned with the aspect of the opportunity of creating time to give and receive.  There can be no greater pleasure in this Universe, than the act of giving all year around and not only during a certain period of the year.  Christmas house in Soul City, attempt at doing just that.  It attempts at encouraging the heart to be giving and forgiving and enhance this wonderful side of human nature. 

Here are some popular customs surrounding this part of the month of December.

Mistletoe, is considered to be lucky to hang in the house at Christmas, it being a survival of the times when the Druids venerated this plant, which they discovered growing on the oak tree.  The church does not allow this decoration because of its pagan associations.

It is lucky to kiss under the mistletoe and unlucky if it is deliberately avoided.  The proper method of performing this ceremony is for the man to pluck a berry from the mistletoe for each kiss, which he gives the girl, stopping only when all the berries are exhausted. 

Charms in the Christmas pudding or cake are always popular.  She who retrieves the ring will be the first to be married.  If a girl walks up to bed backwards and places a piece of the cake under her pillow, it is said that her dreams during the night will be of her future husband.

Here are a few Christmas spells that have been handed down from generation to generation.  Take three leaves of holly and on them; prick the initials of three of your admirers.  On Christmas Eve, place the leaves under your pillow, and it is said that the one whom you will marry will appear to you in a dream.

Sew nine holly-leaves on to your night attire, borrow a wedding ring and place it on the third finger of your left hand, and then retire to bed.  During the night, it is declared, your husband will appear to you in a vision.

Make a chain of holly, mistletoe and juniper, and between each link tie an acorn.  You must have two other girls to assist you in doing this.  As the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Eve, the three of you must go into a room where a fire is lit, lock the door, hang the key over the mantelpiece and open wide the window.  Now wrap the chain, which you have made round a log and sprinkle it with oil, a few pinches of salt and some earth.  The log and chain must be placed on the fire and all lights turned out.  Each girl sits round the fire with a prayer book upon her knees, opened at the marriage service.  As soon as the chain has been burnt, it is said that each girl will see the vision of her future husband crossing the room.

Tie a sprig of holly to each leg of your bedstead, and before you retire, eat a roast apple.  According to tradition, your future partner in marriage will come and speak to you in your dreams.

And if all of the above customs does not ensure good tidings, there is one simple custom that will most certainly ensure prosperity ĖThe more you give, the more you receive.  Do this and you would definitely not have to go through any strange dancing and hopping around trees and bushes that are handed down in the form of traditions and customs.

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