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Updated on 22nd April 2003

Come rain or shine, protestations or tears, America did go to war finally after much pretense of waiting for the United Nations’ inspection of the ‘so called weapons of mass destruction, which have yet to surface from wherever they are if ever the exist. They are perhaps in the oil wells in Iraq, which is why America went with its fishing rods to fish the weapons out? Perhaps that is why, the first action America had taken after supposedly chasing away or smoking out Saddam from his hole, was to re-open the pipe lines from Iraq to Israel via Jordan. I suppose they felt that by re-opening these pipelines all the weapons would be flushed out in the process. One has to wonder why the Iraqis really did not use any of the weapons of mass destruction in the gulf war or in this war. All said and done, Qudos to the American propaganda machine that had created the hype even before the war and continued to air only that news that it felt should be shown to the world. Why, the BBC even went so far as to set up monitoring units that showed them exactly which Television channel aired what program so that they could have the complete autonomy over air waves too apart from flying its planes overhead. And then they talk about Saddam Hussein being a control freak. Wonders never cease. After taking the war from Basra to Baghdad and the media saying that the real battle and weapons of mass destruction was in Baghdad and having discovered none, they moved it to Tikrit. While the whole world waited breathlessly for the weapons to surface along with the head of Saddam and several of his colleagues in Tikrit, there was news that none was discovered there either but that Saddam’s half brother was captured and conveniently killed while escaping from Tikrit to Syria. So now, the Americans are hot on the heels of Syria because they suspect Saddam and his regime to be in Syria.

France, after making a lot of fuss about the war and bashing up America eventually joined America in as it says to, congratulate the coalition in their grand success of waging a war against Iraq. Now they want a piece of the pie for free while America feels that it has shed blood so only it has a right to the oil, sorry, reconstruction of Iraq. That makes the French even worse than the Americans. Of course Germany is not very far off from France, which is now trying to make a little noise about its anticipated participation in the so-called reconstruction. Now we have to come to the crucial question, ‘who was it that actually supplied all these weapons of mass destruction to these countries that have them?’ Is America innocent of not supplying arms to the countries the world over? From where was Pakistan getting its share of arms and ammunition? America thinks that it is pulling wool over the eyes of the world whereas in actuality, the other nations are so weak that it is afraid that if it voices its concern or opinions, the angry axe of America would fall on it next. The whole world is in the grip of fear and insecurity thanks to the actions of one country led by a man with no vision of foresight. Anyone with a remote sense of foresight or vision would see the repercussions of such desperate acts of violence. Good luck to America because it has to be only luck that would pull it out of the trouble that would engulf it over the next ten years. It would be a shame to see a great nation like America fall and nobody in the world would want that because it is human nature to want to look up at someone or something.

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