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Sounds representing different notes, is what we term in common parlance as music. Music is a simple expression of symbols and images. Symbols have structure and it is but natural for music too to have structure. Symbols are best described as geometric formations or patterns, which would mean that music also forms geometric patterns as it is played along. These patterns find a chord of connection within the human body as the human body too vibrates to the frequency of atmospheric patterns and individual patterns as well.

The resonant quality of music has deep and far reaching vibratory patterns that finds its compatible zone in the human body at the pit of the stomach or the abdomen. This is probably why music is sometimes used as an alternative device of healing the human body. The higher notes or the treble would find its compatible zone in the upper portion of the body like the throat and the head area and so on. Different notes on the scale of music vibrate to different parts of the body.

There are a total of seven notes of music. The human body according to yoga has seven different nerve centers or Chakras. Each of these seven notes should then vibrate to the corresponding nerve center of the body. Going from the bottom up, it should then start with “do” which would correspond with the root or the base chakra which is located at the pelvic area. The second note on the music scale is “re” with its corresponding chakra in the abdomen area. “Me” the third note has its corresponding vibration with the third energy center or Chakra in the upper stomach region.

The fourth Chakra which is located in the chest area, vibrates to the note, “Fa.” The fifth note, “So” vibrates to the throat area. The sixth energy center is located between the eyebrows, which is commonly called the third eye and that vibrates to the note, “La.” The final and the seventh chakra is the top of the head which vibrates or responds to the note “Te.” Now blend the seven notes in harmonious rhythm and you have a fine blend of music. Depending on how these notes are composed and the type of music that is the final product of such a composition, the chakras or the energy centers in the human body either accepts or rejects these vibratory frequencies.

While the human mind may accept any kind of music, the body talks a different language. The same cannot be said about the rest of the body that either shrinks from loud raucous music to soft mellow tones that soothe the nerve endings in a body. New Age Music may be defined as any kind of music, instrumental or vocal that has soft mellow tones that transforms the environment to that of tranquility and quietude. Just as the body yearns and screeches for relaxation at times of stressful activities, the body also reminds one of activity at times of laziness and indolence and over-indulgence.

At such times the music that would really motivate the body into action so that all the energy centers are up and about in working condition, the appropriate music should be selected that would be motivational in nature. The choice is always left up to us as individuals to make that decision and swing into action, lethargy or tranquility as the need be. Tune in to your favourite New Age Music and imagine that you are in this music coliseum. Then imagine the music healing each of the above mentioned charkas. You could do this on a daily basis for half an hour or on a weekly basis, but do set aside some time for this ritual and then observe how your body vibrates to the tune of the Universe. When you become one with the Universe, whatever you desire would manifest itself. It is as simple as that.


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